Edgar’s Tea Filter

Tea with Edgar


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This tea filter is definitely the most fancy tea filter for loose tea. Large leaf teas have enough space to brew and the very fine teas don’t come through the mesh. Most peeps use it in their mugs but this filter fits into a lot of teapots too. Oh yeah, it has a drip capture lid, on which you can set the filter after removing it from the pot.

Not only is it beautiful to look at but it has many features which make it a good tea egg instead of a bad tea egg. You know the feeling – struggling with those little conventional tea eggs, the top not fitting properly, the tea spilling out all over the place when you come to empty it? Well those days are over with my beautiful design stainless steel tea filter.

– It is very easy to use 

– It fits almost all tea pots, tea glasses and tea mugs.

– The tea leaves can expand to their max with no restriction. This gives the best flavour.

– The lid keeps the tea hot while brewing and no burnt fingers because you can grasp the lid of the filter by the silicone band.

– Put the lid upside down and you catch all the drips.